Taliworks (Yinchuan) Wastewater Treatment Co. Ltd operates and manages the facilities of our four Wastewater Treatment Plants i.e. Yinchuan Wastewater Treatment Plant 1, Yinchuan Wastewater Treatment Plant 2, Yinchuan Wastewater Treatment Plant 3, and Yinchuan Wastewater Treatment Plant 4 in Yinchuan. The total designed treatment capacity of all four plants is currently at 375,000m³/day.

    The concession with the local government of Yinchuan is on a “Transfer-Operate-Transfer” (TOT) model for 30 years expiring in September 2041.

    We also upgrade and expand our wastewater treatment facilities in order to achieve higher wastewater discharge standards and to increase our designed treatment capacities. Upon completion of all of the contemplated upgrading and expansion works, our aggregate treatment capacity will be 500,000m³/day. All four plants will reach a Class IA discharge standard by the end of 2018.

    As an ancillary business, we also supply recycled water treated by our treatment plants to end users in Yinchuan.